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My activities are around and in support of data curation, management and publication and their pivotal roles in enabling reproducible research and knowledge discovery. I focus on life science, environmental and biomedical domains, collaborating with data producers and service providers, and pre-competitive informatics initiatives, journals and funding agencies to develop software and promote the creation and uptake of community-developed ontology and standards. 

Member of international grass-root standards, advocacy groups and non-for-profit efforts, including the Data Dryad (Board of Directors), Research Data Alliance (Technical Advisory Board) and ELIXIR UK Node (Standards and Curation area lead). Partner in several EU-funded projects, including the Innovative Medicines Initiative's eTRIKS project, delivering knowledge management solutions for translational research projects. Also international partner and Steering Committee member of the NIH BD2K Center for Expanded Data Annotation and Retrieval (CEDAR).