bioCADDIE White Paper

The bioCADDIE White Paper is a response to NIH’s request that we reformulate the bioCADDIE project to conform to new directives from the Associate Director of Data Science. It is not a representation of the final vision for a Data Discovery Index (DDI), but instead of a prototype that the bioCADDIE team plans to accomplish in the next 2.5 years given the directives. To view the entire bioCADDIE White Paper in PDF format click here or view a Google Doc and add your comments on the document here.


bioCADDIE White Paper:  Ohno-machado, Lucila; Alter, George; Fore, Ian; Martone, Maryann; Sansone, Susanna-Assunta; Xu, Hua (2015): bioCADDIE white paper - Data Discovery Index. figshare Retrieved 01:57, Apr 01, 2015 (GMT)