Working Group 9: End User Evaluation Criteria


Jina Huh, PhD

Todd Johnson, PhD

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Engage with various stakeholders (End Users) to enumerate primary characteristics that need to be used to evaluate DataMed. The primary end-users as defined by the bioCADDIE White Paper are the users looking for the datasets (biomedical researchers, clinicians, funders, data scientist, external search engines, and general public) and the data producers (Individual researchers, data repositories, centers producing large amounts of data, publishers, health care providers and curators)


The working group will review common evaluation criteria for a DDI with specific relevance to the biomedical domain and the current usability testing plans by DataMed development team to determine appropriate evaluation metrics for DataMed.


Report defining the user-centric criteria for evaluation of DataMed that will be used to evaluate the prototype and refine the usability testing plans for DataMed.

Group Members