Working Group 7: Accessibility Metadata for Datasets


George Alter, PhD


Working Group 7 has completed its work, its goals and deliverables are listed below.  The group working files are located here


  1. The DDI should present users with information about licenses and terms of access for data.  Access conditions should be described using a standard machine readable format and terminology
  2. Many of the resources in the DDI will be accessed by automated processes.  License information should be both human and machine readable.


  1. Review existing models of data access conditions (e.g. RDA Practical Policies WG)
  2. ​Review mechanisms (e.g. for embedding license information with the data it covers


  1. Metadata model and controlled vocabularies for data access that can be incorporated in the DDI core metadata.
  2. Recommendations for implementing the machine readable portion of the license

Group Members