Working Group 6: Criteria for Repository Inclusion (Standards, Interoperability, Sustainability, etc.)


Lucila Ohno-Machado, PhD, MD
Ian Fore, PhD
George Alter, PhD

This group has completed its work. 


  • Obtain consensus from multiple NIH representatives on which data sets NIH wants to see indexed by bioCADDIE  
  • Determine which features(criteria) these sets have in common for future selection of data sets
  • Determine process of review of criteria for newly proposed datasets



  • Assemble an authoritative group of a minimum of 4 NIH officers and 4 bioCADDIE executive committee members to discuss criteria to select repositories using the DDI prototype.
  • Decide which repositories will be used for the prototype



  • Recommended metadata for data inclusion
  • Contact information for NIH-selected data sets
  • Standard for persistence and preservation
  • Investigation of access requirements

Group Members