Working Group 2: Data Identifiers Recommendation


Jeffrey Grethe, PhD


Working Group 2 has completed its work, its goals and deliverables are listed below.  The group working files are located here

Goal and Overview

Define a set of best practices and operating procedures for identifiers that support the intended capability of the NIH BD2K Data Discovery Index (DDI) prototype - being designed by the bioCADDIE Core Development Team. Please refer to the White Paper for details on what bioCADDIE is set to accomplish and how this consortium operates.

This Working Group (WG) will operate in two phases. Phase 1 will produce specifications for how the bioCADDIE DDI prototype will identify external datasets and resources (datasets that already have identifiers such as those found in DataCite and domain repositories) to be used in the initial prototype. Phase 2 will more broadly address the long-term community needs specifying best practices and operating procedures.

Below is the workplan for phase 1, scheduled to take place during 2015.

Phase 1


  1. Review current implementations and practices for identifying external datasets.

Status: The working group's draft report is available in Google Docs (see deliverables below).

  1. Identify relevant initiatives to help guide the specifications:

  • generic standards (e.g., DCAT and W3C HCLS Dataset Descriptors),
  • best practices being defined by other communities (e.g., FORCE11, Elixir's CORBEL and EXCELERATE - see current proposal doi:10.5281/zenodo.18003), and
  • implementations already used in life sciences.



  1. Specification document 'candidate release v.1' for identifier handling for the initial prototype


Group Members