Working Group 12: Standard-driven Curation Best Practices


Jared Lyle, ICPSR, University of Michigan
Alejandra Gonzalez-Beltran, University of Oxford
Philippe Rocca-Serra, University of Oxford


  • Assist repositories in creating DATS metadata from the information that they hold and will make their data objects more easily discoverable in DataMED.
  • Draw lessons about data curation from experiences addind repositories to DataMED.
  • Encourage best practices that make data FAIR



A document that:

  • Provides use cases for describing data in DATS
  • Offers lessons learned working with DATS
  • Generalizes bioCADDIE experience in the context of FAIR principles and  the longer term goal of semantic interoperability

Conference presentation at International Biocuration Conference, Palo Alto, March 2017

Group Members