Working Group 11: Outreach Meeting: Repository Operators


George Alter, PhD

To join this group please send request to group chair George Alter



The working group will provide outreach to:

  • Assist the bioCADDIE Project in identifying data repositories for inclusion in the DataMed data discovery index
  • Assist data repositories in meeting the criteria required for inclusion in DataMed



  1. Serve as a point of contact for data repositories who express interest in DataMed.  WG11 will provide initial support to these repositories on bioCADDIE requirements, such as core metadata fields, identifiers, and methods of providing metadata.  Questions that cannot be answered by WG11 will be referred to the Core Development Team.
  2. Assist the Executive Committee and Core Development Team in prioritizing repositories for inclusion in DataMed under “Criteria for Repository Inclusion in bioCADDIE” (  WG 11 will review repositories under these criteria and make recommendations to the Executive Committee.
  3. Assist in the development of documentation for repositories about bioCADDIE, DataMed, and DATS.  WG11 will work with other groups, especially Working Group 3 (Descriptive Metadata for Datasets - DATS model) and the Core Development Team to provide appropriate documentation for repository managers interested in DataMed.



  1. Expand number of data repositories indexed in DataMed
  2. Improve communication with data repositories.
  3. Reduce time required for adding data repositories to DataMed for both repositories and the bioCADDIE Project.

Group Members