Pilot Project 2.2 - Intelligent Search expansion and Visualization of Datasets (iSee-DELVE)

Leader: Todd Johnson, Ph.D. School of Biomedical Informatics UTHealth and Hyeoneui Kim, RN, PhD Department of Biomedical Informatics UCSD

Collaborators: Jeeyae Choi, Ph.D. and Jina Huh, Ph.D.

iSee-DELVE stands for intelligent Search expansion (and) Document ExpLoration and Visualization Engine. iSee-DELVE is a collaborative project of the Department of Biomedical Informatics at University of California, San Diego and the School of Biomedical Informatics at University of Texas, Houston.

iSee-DELVE addresses two classic challenges in data search: (1) searching large databases with the sufficient level of sophistication and accuracy and (2) promoting efficient review and filtering of the returned data, including multiple and individual datasets.

In order to assist data users to effectively handle these challenges iSee-DELVE is developing new approaches to data search and review based on the strategies listed below:

  • Improving search quality via concept-based search.

  • Improving the efficiency of data review by ranking the returned record based on the relevancy and providing graphic summarization of the content (e.g., highlighting search terms in the returned record, abstracting the content of the returned record via word cloud based keyword presentation). Summaries are provided for multiple and individual datasets.

  • Enabling more focused chasing of the data of interest through faceted browsing of search results and allowing the users to execute new searches reusing the metadata of the returned record deemed relevant as search criteria.

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