CASRAI: Consortia Advancing Standards in Research Administration Information


Thu Apr 14th 10:00am to 11:00am PDT


David Baker, Claire Austin, Simon Hodson, Alex Ball, Tom Ingraham


CASRAI is an international nonprofit membership initiative led by research institutions and their partners. Our mission is to adapt the principles and best practices of open standards and data governance to lead and facilitate key stakeholders in annual deliberations to develop standard information agreements (report formats and underlying glossaries) that serve as bridges between research information users. CASRAI agreements cover all the key information requirements that relate to the management of research throughout its life cycle. This includes information requirements related to applications for funds, CVs, project and funds management, compliance requirements, reporting as well as research data management and scholarly communications. Our vision is for all stakeholders (institutions, funders, publishers and software providers) to adopt the resulting ‘invisible infrastructure’ in their local software and processes so we can collectively enable stable, predictable and comparable results when sharing research information throughout the life cycle.


- David Baker (CASRAI Executive Director) will introduce the CASRAI Mission and Approach
- Claire Austin (Chair of the Standards Interoperability Committee at Research Data Canada) and Simon Hodson (CODATA Executive Director) will present a new partnership to advance a Shared International Research Data Glossary
- Alex Ball (Research Data Librarian, University of Bath) and Tom Ingraham (Publishing Editor, F1000 Research Group) will present a planned new community-of-interest at CASRAI looking at quality metrics at the research dataset level.




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