DataMed v3.0 is Live

bioCADDIE is pleased to announce the release of DataMed V3.0.

This release includes many new features implemented due to customer feedback, as well as several minor bug fixes.

Users will also find a significant increase in the number of repositories that are available through DataMed!

The new features found in DataMed v3.0 are:

  • API for DataMed
  • Autocompleting of words
  • Reporting of broken links
  • Context for search terms
  • Increase in number of repositories that are indexed

We thank our community of users for their feedback, helping this to be a better and usable DataMed release to date. DataMed v3.0 is available at

DataMed is a prototype and work in progress. We ask that users provide feedback to the bioCADDIE team 

Get involved in the bioCADDIE project and DataMed user studies!