Cecilia Arighi, PhD, University of Delaware

Accurate representation of protein information (e.g., sequence, evolution, function, post-translational modifications, and pathways), that can be reasoned both by humans and computers, is key to provide the basis for hypothesis generation. Dr. Cecilia Arighi is a Research Associate Professor in the Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology at the University of Delaware. She has extensive experience and knowledge on database curation, text mining for biocuration, and ontologies. She has been actively engaged on various biocurator-related activities for nine years, including (i) curation and quality control (at PIR) for UniProtKB database; (ii) curation protein ontology (PRO) as a head of the curation team; (iii) the development (in collaboration with a text mining group) and evaluation of natural language processing tools to assist the biologists in retrieving information of their interest; (iv) the organization of text mining BioCreative challenges; and (v) the organization of annotation jamborees. The bioCADDIE Pilot Project 3.2 will apply various analysis methods to literature and data citation in Protein Data Bank and other resources, among them UniProt. In the context of this project, Dr. Arighi’s expertise will contribute to: 1) compiling the necessary data for analyzing citations and citation networks related to UniProt identifiers; and 2) reviewing and ensuring that the methodologies developed in this pilot study can be generalized.