George Alter, PhD, ICPSR, University of Michigan

Director, ICPSR, Professor of History, University of Michigan.

Dr. Alter is director of the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR), Research Professor at the Population Studies Center, and Professor of History at the University of Michigan.  ICPSR is the world’s largest social science data archive with units that specialize in data on aging, childcare, criminal justice, demography, health, and substance abuse.  ICPSR is a leader in data curation, digital preservation, secure sharing of confidential data, and training in methods of quantitative analysis.  Alter's research grows out of interests in the history of the family, demography, and economic history, and recent projects have examined the effects of early life conditions on health in old age and new ways of describing fertility transitions.  Recent publications include:  “Generation to Generation: Life Course, Family, and Community,” Social Science History (2013); Arthur Lupia and George Alter. "Data Access and Research Transparency in the Quantitative Tradition." PS: Political Science & Politics (2014).